Special Event: Legendary China - A Concert of Classical Chinese Music

Chinese classical music

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Wyatt Pavilion Theatre

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Enjoy an evening of classical Chinese music with traditional Chinese national instruments. The purpose of the concert is to allow the teachers and students of UC Davis to enjoy the highest level of Chinese traditional music performance, so as to promote more cultural communications between China and the United States. The orchestra is composed of five performers who graduated from China's top music university "China Conservatory of Music". The musicians, each of whom has a unique stage charm, a strong expression and artistic appeal, are performers of national orchestras and professors of music colleges in China.Many pieces of the concert, such as "The Moon Reflected In Erquan" and "A Hundred Birds Singing in Homage to the Phoenix", are all folk music classics.

The new pieces adapted and created by the five artists are even more wonderful, trying to show the American audience with the artistic language and the unique charm of the Chinese national music. Music will always be a bridge of communication without borders, and will also bring beauty and peace!

Parking should be free in the lots on the weekends.

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