An Evening of Classical Chinese Music: Guqin, Erhu, Guzheng



David Wong

Hailing from a long line of Chinese scholars, David Wong, Executive Director of Tranquil Resonance Studio, is a lifelong student of traditional Chinese arts and a twelfth-generation inheritor of the Guangling Guqin School. He has studied guqin (seven-string zither), guzheng (Chinese table harp), pipa (Chinese lute), traditional Chinese painting, and tea culture under many masters in the United States and China. His interests also led him to graduate studies in the U.S. and abroad, researching and absorbing the depths of the Chinese heritage. In 2004 he received Outstanding Performance and Honor awards at the First International Guqin Competition held in Beijing.

As a member of the San Francisco Guzheng Music Society’s youth ensemble, with the support of guzheng virtuoso Liu Weishan, Wong founded Tranquil Resonance Studio in San Franisco, of which he serves as Executive Director, to carry on the mission of transmitting ancient Chinese culture through classes, performances, and workshops throughout the bay area. He has given lectures at various universities, including Stanford, UC Davis, and San Francisco State University.

Alan Yip

Growing up in Southern California, Alan Yip studied guqin, erhu (two-string fiddle), and traditional Chinese painting under several masters in the United States and China. His interests in orchids and plants also led him to graduate studies, earning a Master’s in Horticulture and Agronomy from the University of California, Davis. Yip actively teaches and performs at schools and community culture centers throughout California and has been invited to perform in numerous concerts in the U.S., China, and Malaysia. Currenntly he is Program Director at Tranquil Resonance Studio in San Francisco.

Bonnie Lee

Bonnie Lee started taking piano lessons at the age of five and continued her musical training with guzheng and guqin later in life. A multidisciplinary scholar, she has devoted herself to various aspects of traditional Chinese culture, including literature, tea, art, and music, studying with masters both in the U.S. and abroad.

As a member of the Qin Sheng Ensemble, formed in 2009 along with David Wong and Winnie Wong, Lee delights audiences with her musical performances in the United States and China. Currently she is Artistic Director at Transquil Resonance Studio in San Francisco.