Darrell Corti

Corti Brothers, Grocers and Wine Merchants, Sacramento

Darrell Corti is a Sacramento grocer, having started in his family business in 1964. With his early passion for food he brought some of the most important food ingredients into the US market for the first time, including balsamic vinegar, white truffles, Catalan olive oil and Zinfanfel varietal wine, and, more recently, tuna from Galicia and special teas from China. His innovation and deep knowledge of his products has made him a key resource for famous chefs, such as Alice Waters, and food writers, such as Ruth Reichl, who know him as Il Professore. A visit to his store in Sacramento can be an exploration of the finest ingredients available. Anywhere.

Among his numerous awards, Mr. Corti has been ordained a knight by the president of the Italian Republic; he has been inducted into the Culinary Institute of American Vintners’ Hall of Fame; and he has been named to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s “Kitchen Cabinet for their American Food History Project.” In Saveur magazine, he was referred to as the most knowledgeable person in food today.