Innovative Cooking Competition 2016

Lee Kum Kee Sauces

Sponsored by Confucius Institute at UC Davis 
& Lee Kum Kee Sauces

May-June 2016

You are welcome to submit recipes for the first cooking competition of the Confucius Institute at UC Davis. The competition consists of two rounds. In the first round, you submit an original detailed recipe which includes at least one photo, all measured ingredients, and all cooking steps for the finished dish, You must also incorporate at least one Lee Kum Kee sauce or marinade* into your recipe.  If your recipe is selected for the final round, you will be invited to prepare the dish on site at Davis. 

Eligibility:     Anyone age 18 or above who is not a professional chef is eligible to enter the competition.

Criteria:     1. Originality

                 2.  Taste

                 3.  Nutritious Value

                 4.  Use of one or more Lee Kum Kee sauces* in the recipe

*Lee Kum Kee sauces are available in the following markets in Davis and Sacramento.

  • 99 Ranch Market, 4220 Florin Rd, Sacramento
  • Asian Food Center, 1301 Broadway, Sacramento
  • Kim’s Mart, 628 4th Street, Davis
  • Nugget, 1414 E. Covell Blvd and 409 Mace Blvd, Davis
  • S.F. Supermarket, 6930 65th Street, Sacramento
  • Safeway, 1451 W. Covell Blvd and 2121 Cowell Blvd, Davis