Wu Wang

Jiangnan University, China 

Wu Wang is a Professor in the School of Biotechnology at Jiangnan University, China, where she has also served as Vice President. Although trained as a scientist, she is deeply interested in and knowledgeable about traditional Chinese culture, including food, calligraphy, and art. 


The Shape Design of Traditional Chinese Food  

A variety of traditional food has been around for thousands of years, and design is an important element. Primitive food design was strongly influenced by the physical traits of food sources, ancient aesthetics, and the processing conditions at the time, as indicated in historical records.  

It is interesting that the names of traditional Chinese foods often indicate their shapes, such as 圆、团、方、片、角、尖、条、束、线、丝. This paper examines the four basic stereoscopic constitutions and related historical stories of traditional foods: 圆sphere and round, 方cube and square, 角tetrahedron and triangle, 条thread and strip. The paper concludes with a call for learning from ancient wisdom, returning to food design based on stereoscopic constitution, and respect for Nature and Culture. It also cautions against exaggerated packaging.