David Soohoo

David SooHoo was born in San Francisco to Cantonese immigrants who owned Chinese-American restaurants in Sacramento. The family member who taught SooHoo to cook was his Uncle Benny Lee, a master chef. By his late 20s, SooHoo took over the kitchen of Sacramento’s popular Ming Tree, then the internationally recognized Chinois East-West. As a guest chef in Taiwan and Hong Kong, he cooked in such hotel kitchens as the one filmed in Eat, Drink, Man, Woman. With more than forty-five years behind the wok, SooHoo was the first chef from Sacramento invited to the Beard House.


What Does a Chinese Master Chef Know That You Don't Know?

It’s one thing to know the wok, but to achieve mastery in a Chinese kitchen, one must understand 5,000 years of culinary history, yin and yang, the upside-down professional structure of the kitchen, how to please “the nine doors of the body,” how to make food suitable for eating through Chinese-centric techniques, and even to know Kung Fu. This presentation will deepen your understanding of the techniques behind well-known dishes such as broccoli beef, poached chicken, and egg foo young. You will learn that knowing a few Chinese tricks of the trade can make the difference between good and great, and that they can be used in other cuisines.