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Confucius Institute at UC Davis Demonstrates Chinese Tea Ceremony and Dumpling-making at International Festival Davis

Invited by the International House Davis, the Confucius Institute at UC Davis participated in the 3rd International Festival at Veterans Memorial Center on October 12th, 2013.

As one of Davis’ largest local events, the International Festival provides a platform for local people originating from about 30 countries to display their national cultures and to enhance the mutual understanding between different cultures.

At this event, instructors from the Confucius Institute at UC Davis (devoted to Chinese food and beverage culture) provided the public an interactive demonstration of a Chinese tea ceremony, and a chance to learn Chinese dumpling-making. These activities opened anther window for the public to understand China and Chinese culture. 

The tea ceremony demonstration was backgrounded by the traditional Chinese music Gaoshan Liushui (literally translated as “high mountains and running water”) played on the traditional Chinese instrument Guzheng (a 21-stringed plucked instrument). The tea ceremony performers introduced the basics of Chinese tea and tea wares, and illustrated the cultural and scientific connotation of the Chinese method of serving tea. The public was invited to taste and appreciate a king of Chinese oolong tea, namely Tieguanyin, and was amazed at the flavor.

The dumpling-making booth was crowded with many parents and children, who followed the instructor step by step, listened carefully to the introduction of Chinese festival customs and food, and raised questions from time to time. The whole booth was more like an open culture class.

Sally Wu teaching dumpling making.

During the festival, the CI instructors also introduced the language and culture communication programs to be developed by the Confucius Institute at UC Davis.

The festival lasted 6 hours, during which time the CI staff received more than 300 visitors of different ages and nationalities, and received much positive feedback from the public who expressed great interest in and expectations of the Confucius Institute at UC Davis’ upcoming activities and programs.